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Abalone Shells

Paua Abalone Shells New Zealand

Polished Paua Abalone Shells New Zealand



Abalone is a beautiful shell showing a play of bright rainbow colours across a polished surface which are used in lapidary work. They are primarily composed of calcium carbonate and is easily carved into many shapes and polishes well into buttons, cabochons and beads for jewellery making for centuries. Abalones are generally found in Australia, New Zealand, California, USA and China. Our Paua Abalone shells are from New Zealand, in various sizes, from small pendants to large display shell specimens.

Large Polished Paua Abalone Shell

Healing Properties of Abalone Shells and uses:

The bright rainbow colours of the Abalone shell enhance feelings of peace, beauty, compassion and love. Abalone strengthens the structure of the body and the functions of the heart chakra. Abalone Shell helps to gently open our psychic and intuitive connections which helps to enhance imagination. Abalone shell encourages harmony in relationships, connected with family, in particular motherhood. Physically, it can strengthen the immune system, muscle tissues and the heart.

How to use:

These are polished Abalone Shells with beautiful patterns which people favour as lapidary materials for jewellery making, such as making into carbochons, pendants, earrings, necklace and bracelet. The bigger ones such as those with length 4 inch and above are commonly used as burning dish for people practising Chakra healing and meditation or purifying energies to burn white sage leaves on the shell.

Polished Paua Abalone Shells Carbochons

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