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Blue Amber

Raw Blue Amber Specimen from Indonesia


Amber is fossilized tree resin. It is not considered a gemstone but good grade Ambers are often used to make jewellery such as ring and pendant.

Blue amber is a rare amber exhibiting a rare coloration. This variety comes from the resin of the extinct tree species Hymenaea protera. It can be found in the amber mines in Dominican Republic and Indonesia. The greenish blue color observed in some amber is actually fluorescence stimulated by ultraviolet (UV) light. A previous study described the color as iridescence over a yellow background, but it is in fact a surface fluorescence. Thus, when light beams into the amber, it sometimes appears yellow or yellowish red.

Our Blue Ambers are found in Sumatra, Indonesia.

Healing Properties of Ambers and their uses:

Blue Amber opens and heal the Solar Plexus Chakra. Blue Amber is a stone of wisdom which stimulates intellect and creativity and curiosity to explore new things. Blue Amber is an emotional healer which balance emotions, that includes encourage patience, eliminate depression, fears, stress and promote self confidence and mental clarity.

Blue Ambers are commonly used for jewelry, decoration, medicine and perfume.