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Citrine Terminated Crystal from Brazil


Citrine is a variety of quartz whose color ranges from a pale yellow to brown due to ferric impurities. Like Quartz, it has a hardness of 7. The name is derived from the Latin word citrina which means "yellow" and is also the origin of the word "citron". Natural citrines are rare; most commercial citrines are heat-treated amethysts or smoky quartzes. However, a heat-treated amethyst will have small lines in the crystal, as opposed to a natural citrine's cloudy or smokey appearance.

Sometimes citrine and amethyst can be found together in the same crystal, which is then referred to as ametrine. Fine Ametrine can be found in Bolivia.

Ametrine Crystal Sphere from Bolivia

Citrine Healing Properties and uses:

Citrine is the traditional birthstone for November. Citrine is associated with strength and healing for both body and mind. It can offer good mental health as it clears the mind and gets the soul to action. Wearing citrine can help its owners in keeping an optimistic mindset and will help to embrace a positive point of view. Citrine is also well known for attracting wealth luck and increase fortune.

Citrine is a mineral that helps us to maintain a positive and optimistic attitude in life. The sunny color stone helps to remove fears and helps us to communicate more effectively with others. It helps to create a sense of stability and balance emotions and boost confidence and willpower, thus, provides a more rational approach to things in our daily lives. Use it when great self confidence and self esteem are needed.

Citrine opens the inner doors to increased clarity of thought, enhanced creativity and magnified powers of will and manifestation. Citrine activates the thinking process and enhances mental clarity, as well as the visionary function through which inner images appear. After all, imagination is in essence the process of image-making. Until one has the image, one cannot build the invention.


Citrine Terminated Cluster mineral Specimen from Brazil