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Fossil Coral Jade

Fossil Coral Jade Cabochon Pendant Indonesia Gemstone


Fossil coral, a.k.a Coral jade, is a stone formed by ancient corals. The proper name is "Agatized fossil coral", because during formation, the coral remains were being fossilized through gradually replacing with Agate. The entire process can take over 20 million years. Fossil coral exhibits interesting skeletal-like coral patterns, most often appearing in the shapes of flower, lemon and feathers.


Fossil Coral Jade Cabochon Pendant Indonesia Gemstone

Fossil Coral Jade Healing Properties and uses:

For healing, Fossil coral is helpful in eliminating disruptive thoughts such as hallucinations and bad imaginations and promoting inner peace.

Fossil coral is a lucky stone which is believed to draw luck and attract wealth. It is also a protection stone which people used to ward off evil, and used for travelling or water acitivies. Some sailors used fossil coral as a talisman against bad weather and for smooth sea journey.


Fossil Coral Jade Cabochon Pendant Beads Necklace Indonesia Gemstone