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Hedenbergite Green Quartz

Hedenbergite Green Quartz

Green Prase Quartz Hedenbergite


Hedenbergite is a calcium iron silicate mineral found in metamorphic rocks that are high in iron, skarns and alkalic granites. Hedenbergite is an iron rich member of the Pyroxene group which includes Diopside and Augite. Hedenbergite has a hardness of between 5.5 to 6.5 and the color range from green, dark green, brownish green to greenish black. Hedenbergite is sometimes found within Quartz, forming Hedenbergite Green Quartz. Such Quartz crystals, usually formed in clusters, can be found in Mongolia, and is considered rare, especially bigger clusters. Another name for such type of Quartz is Mongolian Quartz.

Hedenbergite Green Quartz may formed together with pyrite, just like the cluster in the following picture.

Hedenbergite Green Quartz crystal cluster specimen with pyrite from Mongolia

Hedenbergite Green Quartz with Pyrite minerals formed on it.


Healing Properties of Garnets and their uses:

Hedenbergite, being a green stone, is associated with heart chakra. Thus, Hedenbergite is known to be an emotional healer, which helps to heal negative feelings such as sadness, anxiety, worries and depression. Hedenbergite also assist in attracting new friendships and relationships.