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Green Aventurine Stone Tumble


Aventurine is a form of quartz which has a hardness of 6.5, lower than a single quartz crystal. The most common colour of aventurine is green, but it may also be orange, brown, yellow, blue or grey. Green Aventurine are commonly found in India and other colours such as orange and yellow can be found in Spain and Russia. The presence of platy mineral inclusions which include mica, gives Aventurine a shimmering effect known as aventurescence. 



Aventurine Healing Properties and uses:

Aventurine stones can commonly used to carve into sculptures and figurines and also jewellery, such as carbochons, beads and pendants. For metaphysical healing, Aventurines are also tumbled and polished into stone tumbles and palmstones for crystal healing and meditation.


Orange Aventurine Elephant Sculpture FigurineGreen Aventurine Crystal Skull

Aventurine stone is known to be a stone of luck and opportunity, which is believed to attract good luck, wealth and prosperity and invite opportunities into your life such as job promotions and opportunities for business growth.

Green Aventurine is associated with the Heart Chakra. Being linked to heart, it is a powerful stone to attract love luck and heal emotions such as calming fear, anger, anxiety. Aventurine can also brings confidence to explore and embrace changes and overcome life obstacles. It is also a good healer to heal relationships and bring harmony and peace.